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PARIS POETRY/PARIS POETS are part of an independent collective of artists, writers, performers, filmmakers, agitators and adventurers operating in France (TSUNAMI BOOKS PARIS, PARIS SURREALISTE, TSUNAMI GANG) & around the world, established with the aim of sharing, collecting and eventually publishing both up-and-coming and notorious poet-disguised anomalies and dionysian maniacs and lovers, organizing events, anthologies and translations.


We contain all the passions
and all the vices
and all the suns and stars,
chasms and heights,
trees, animals, forests, streams.
This is what we are.
Our experience lies
in our veins,
in our nerves.
We stagger.
between grey blocks of houses.
On bridges of steel.
Light from a thousand tubes
flows around us,
and a thousand violet nights
etch sharp wrinkles
in our faces.

(George Grosz, c. 1919) 


Our inspirational sources, as important as the artists and writers we’re fond of: visionary/countercultural editors such as Jean-Jacques PauvertEric LosfeldMaurice GirodiasNancy CunardJean Vodaine, and so many others who defied systems, taboos, prejudice and censorship to give us the Key to the Fields and to new horizons, so enlarging and enriching not only the limits of creation, language and thought, but also that which we call Life. In a few words, such under-the-counter Dream Dealers, along with the artists they helped to promote, utterly redefined our values, just by breaking them, so paving the way for free speech and free press, and of course, for a more egalitarian, less totalitarian society.

Were it not for their vision and courage and the role they played, a significant part of our history would have never been put into print, revealed and shared, considering that many a name you stumble upon across the Interzone, including a bunch of classic authors and thinkers who are popular and/or established today, were haunted and banned in their lifetime,

so we are hugely glad to be continuing this long, thorny and dangerously exciting tradition, and willing to dare and run over all kinds of control systems, moldy mind boxes, the Shiterature Industry and the sterile snobism of traditional academicos, intellectual Blablaists and yuppie writers/career men, and also audience’s relative or total indifference to (or lack of support for) non-mainstream and transgressive art and lifestyle (which is way more than a mere « style », though).

It is in favor of a total creative reemergence of life-art, and for an outbreak of new spirits from the rotten soil and alienation of our time, that we keep up our furious passion, which is showcasing what we consider to be thought-provoking, innovative, vibrant and incoherent, so as to enrich-fertilize-reinvent human experience on all levels, pushing it further away from its bounds.

Beware: this is definitely not for the sheep.

Photographie by Henrik Aeshna: Dada event, Paris, 2018